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Next, let us explain what this website is about. In this website, we will be doing product reviews on home and kitchen appliances such as vacuums and floor care, dehumidifiers, coffee makers, bedding, furniture and much more.

The reason we are doing reviews for the home and kitchen products is because we have seen people around us searching for reviews on those products before buying. We make sure that our reviews are most up to date and can help our readers which is you to make better decision in getting the items you want.

You may use the search bar located at the top right hand corner to look for reviews on the products that you are looking for and if you can’t find them, you may leave a comment below and Home Kitchen Portal website will bring you the reviews on the items you are searching for as soon as we can.

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After knowing why this website is created, we shall now take a look below on the categories of products that we will be doing reviews on.

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1. Kids’ Home Store
2. Kitchen & Dining
3. Bedding
4. Bath
5. Home Decor
6. Wall Decor
7. Seasonal Decor
8. Heating, Cooling & Air Quality
9. Irons & Steamers
10. Vacuums & Floor Care
11. Storage & Organization
12. Cleaning Supplies
13. Conclusion
14. Our Reviews So Far


Kids’ Home Store

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In the Kids’ Home Store section, you can find a lot of stuffs such as kids’ bedding, kids Room Decoration, Kids Baking Supplies and many more items that is meant for kids. Next time, before you want to buy anything for your children, makes sure you look at the Kids’ Home Store section to look for reviews on the products that you want to buy. Some of the items may not be as good as you think.

Kitchen & Dining

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In this Kitchen & Dining section, you can find a lot of products reviews from small kitchen appliances to some larger items such as dining room furniture or kitchen furniture. Is coffee a must for you every morning? If yes, then you might want to take a look at our coffee makers reviews to find the best coffee makers that is most suitable for you. You can even find reviews on home brewing & wine making kits if you are interested in making wine yourself.

Not only that, in this Kitchen & Dining section, you can also look for reviews on small appliances for your kitchen such as blenders, ice cream machines, juicers, microwave ovens, rice cookers and many other more products that you can think of. The next time when you are looking to buy any kitchen or dining products, make sure you visit our Kitchen & Dining section to look for reviews on the items that you want to buy.


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This is one of the most important furniture that you might want to consider getting a better model. In our opinion, we feel that a good bed is essential because every one of us needs a bed and a good one can last for a long time. Besides that, you will need to find one that is also good for your body so that it will not affect your sleep and make your body ache in the future.

In our Bedding section, not only we are doing reviews on beds only, we also have reviews on bed covers, blanket, bed pillows, quilts and a lot more stuffs related to beds. Remember that it is always good to buy a better bed for your home so next time before you intend to get a new bed, look for reviews on our bedding section to find the best bed for your home.


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The Bath section contain reviews on products related to bath such as bath linen set, bath rugs, bathroom accessories, towels are many more. You can find reviews on items such as digital bathroom scale, shower system, toilet brush and even waterproof shower curtain liner.

Home Decor

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In this section, we will be doing reviews for a lot of Home Decoration products. All of these items are not a must for your home; these items are only going to beautify your home. However, if you have visitors in your home quite frequently, then we believe that you will want to make your home more presentable and pleasant.

So for this section, we will be doing reviews on area rugs, baskets, candle holders, mirror, photo frames, home decor accent and many more items. However do take note that this website is still growing and if there are no reviews for the things that you want yet, drop us an email and we will do it for you.

Wall Decor

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For this section, we will be doing reviews on photos, wall posters that you can use it to decorate your wall in your home. There are a lot of decor for this section such as decor for historical, landscapes, people, animals, flowers and a lot more. If you want to beautify your wall whether it is in the living room or your bedroom, visit our Wall Decor review section to find out more.

Seasonal Decor

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There are a number of holidays each year around the world. If you are one of those people that celebrate the holidays, then we believe that you are already buying those seasonal decors for your house before the holidays arrived. The next time when you want to purchase any seasonal decorations for your house, visit our Seasonal Decor section to find out more.

Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

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In this section, our home kitchen portal website will be reviewing products on air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, space heaters, air conditioners and fans. Some of you might live in humid areas; some might live in a warmer environment. You can visit this section and find reviews on the dehumidifiers or air conditioners. For people who are suffering from allergies and you want to have a cleaner air and environment, you can look at our air purifier reviews section.

Irons & Steamers

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For this category, we will be doing reviews on not only Irons and Steamers but also ironing accessories, ironing boards, ironing board covers, steam generator accessories and many more regarding about irons & steamers. Bookmark our website and visit us when you are going to get your next iron.

Vacuums & Floor Care

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After the reviews about the kitchen, walls, bedding, furniture and more, this section is going to bring floor care and vacuum cleaner reviews. We will be doing reviews on vacuum cleaners such as upright, canister, bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners and much more. Our website is also going to help you choose your best vacuum for pet hair if you keep pets, best vacuum for hardwood floors and many other vacuum cleaner reviews. We hope that you can find one that is suitable for your current situation.

Storage & Organization

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Visit our storage & organization category to find reviews on items that will help you store and organize your home. With proper storage and organization, you will have a cleaner and beautiful home. This section will also be talking about kitchen storage and bathroom storage as well.

Cleaning Supplies

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Last but not least, our website will also be doing cleaning supplies reviews. This includes review on air fresheners, brushes, dusting, gloves, paper towel and many other more items. We hope you can find what you are looking for in our cleaning supplies review section.


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Although we have come to the conclusion, it does not end here. We will keep on updating our website to provide our readers or visitors more value. It might be a little confuse for some of our readers here when looking for reviews on the products. Once again, be sure to use our search bar and if you can’t find any review on the products that you are looking for, drop us an email or leave a comment below and we will get it done for you soon.

One last thing, we hope you like what you see and bookmark our website so that you can visit us anytime you are looking for reviews on home and kitchen. If you feel that this website is helpful, feel free to recommend it to your friends or relatives and they will sure like it as well.

Once again, thank you for visiting our Home Kitchen Portal website! See you!

Our Reviews So Far

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Kitchen & Dining
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