Best Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A Review

Best Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A Review
The Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A has the capability to clean all types of floorings with its deep clean power head and powerful suction for a superb cleanup.

This bagless canister vacuum comes with an easy to empty dust cup and a true cyclonic separation offers you convenient performance without you to buy or replace any bags.

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3. Customer Reviews
4. Pros & Cons
5. Discount Price
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Product Features

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In this product features section, we are going to be looking at what are some other powerful and special features of this vacuum cleaner.

This bagless vacuum cleaner is equipped with 2 motors, one for agitating your carpets/rugs and the other is for your suction. This means that besides having the ability to delivers powerful suction for cleaning, the enhanced technology also allows this machine to pick up dirt/dust and allergens from your carpets effectively. Furthermore, the benefits of using the deep clean power nozzle which features the carpet height adjustment ability allowing you to be able to select the height that you need to customize for your cleaning. In this way, it is much more efficient and effective in picking up dirt, debris and allergens from your carpets/rugs.

Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A also allows you to reach easily in those difficult to reach places with its superior maneuverability. This canister vacuum is able to swivel 180 degrees without any problems. This unit also includes a safety cut off power option if at any time an item gets caught in the deep clean nozzle. Simply press the reset button on the power nozzle to reset.

The Electrolux model also comes with a washable HEPA filter that is 99.97% effective in getting rid of dirt/dust and allergens 0.3 microns and larger. This HEPA filter is installed in the back of the unit under the top cover.

Finally, its sleek design can further enhance your cleaning experience with the fingertips controls. The ergo shock cord can works as a hose wrap as well as a furniture guard. This design allows you to easily move this vacuum cleaner around your house.

This unit measures approximately 11 x 11.5 x 17.5 inches and weighs about 28.1 pounds.

Summary features for Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A:

  • Hose System & ErgoShock Bumper – Act as furniture guard and also hose wrap
  • Fingertips Controls – Further enhanced your cleaning with its user-friendly design
  • Easy Empty Dust Cup – No bags to replace or purchase which helps save more money in the long run
  • Automatic Cord Rewind – No more bending down to manually rewind of the cord
  • Toosl Included


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Height: 17.5 in
Width: 11 in
Length: 11.5 in
Weight: 28.1 lbs
Shipping Weight: 28.2 lbs

Customer Reviews

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I haven’t found any cons and I like it very much. It is very compact, nice looking vacuum with good maneuverability and power…(read more here: Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A Review)”

I did a lot of research and am very glad I picked this vacuum. We needed a compact vacuum that was good on hardwood floors, area rugs and wall to wall carpet…(read more here: Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A Review)”

Average Rating: 4.1


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros: In this section, we are going to take a look at what the pros are for this unit but before that, let us see how it was rated by customers in Amazon. Currently there are 88 customers’ reviews in Amazon, 50 of them have given a 5 star rating and 18 of them have given a 4 star rating. About 80% of them have given good reviews of this canister vacuum cleaner in Amazon. From the ratings, you should be able to tell that how satisfied the consumers are with this machine.

One of the main advantages of this bagless canister vacuum is that it is much more powerful than the previous models. Although it comes with a powerful suction, you got to know that it does not product very loud noise when comparing to some other vacuum cleaners. The updated design of the brush head and wand makes it more durable as well.

Since it is a bagless unit, you do not have to buy and replace those bags which can be troublesome and costly. This means that you will save more money in the long run by benefiting from its bagless design. One of the buyers even said that it is hard to find any cons at all for this Electrolux EL4300A vacuum cleaner.

Another highlight of this unit is its compact design that is very easy to store as well as moving it around from one area to another. EL4300A can also works well in cleaning all types of floors including hardwood floors, area rugs, wall to wall carpets and much more. The safety cut off feature can also come in very useful if you accidentally sucks up cord, shoelace or some other larger debris.

This vacuum cleaner measures approximately 11 x 11.5 x 17.5 inches and weighs about 28.1 pounds.




product name consCons: No matter how good a product is, there are almost always sure to be some glitches including this unit as well. So in this section, we are going to look at some of the cons of this bagless canister vacuum cleaner.

Firstly, since it is a very powerful model and if you decides to set it to max power, you will required to lock it in place so that the HEPA filter cover will not keep on popping up.

The next disadvantage of this machine is that once you press the power button, it will takes a few seconds before it is powered up. For some people, instead of pressing it once, they pressed multiple times because they thought that the vacuum cleaner has not yet started. Some people may also find the price of this model a little bit expensive, but given of what it can do for you, it is worth it.

Electrolux EL4300A Price

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You can click on the buy button below to find out more about the price and discounts from Amazon. Since the price of the product will change in Amazon, we have decided not to list down the price on our website so that you will not be confused.

Check current pricing discounts:

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Recommendation (My Opinion)

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This Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A might or might not be suitable for you depending on what types of features you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner. This is a bagless canister vacuum that can operates quietly, has a strong suction power, not too heavy, easy to empty as well as easy to store.

However, this unit might be a little costly for some people who have a tight budget and does not want to spend so much on a vacuum cleaner. In this case, you might want to continue looking at some of the vacuum cleaner reviews in the Vacuums and Floor Care section to look for the best vacuum cleaner that is suitable for you.


Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A Features Overview:

FeatureElectrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300A
DimensionMeasures approximately 11 x 11.5 x 17.5 inches
Weight28.1 Pounds
All FloorsYes
Tools IncludedCrevice Tool, Upholstery Tool
Average Rating4.1 Out Of 5

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